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Thanksgiving in the River Realm

Pictured: A Thanksgiving Spread from The Table in Deltaville. Photo Credit: Mary Lorenzino Photography

Thanksgiving in Virginia’s River Realm is an experience that blends tradition with the fresh, bountiful harvests of the region. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the area offers a plethora of options to make your Thanksgiving memorable. From farm-fresh turkeys to full feast preparations and unique local ingredients, let’s dive into your guide for a River Realm Thanksgiving.

Fresh & Flavorful: The Turkey Centerpiece

Dug In Farms: Pasture-Raised Perfection
Begin your Thanksgiving preparation with a truly special bird from Dug In Farms. Known for their pasture-raised turkeys, these birds live a happy, outdoor life, ensuring a flavorful and juicy centerpiece for your table.

Orders: Must be placed by November 4th
Pick-Up: Tuesday, November 21st



A Smoky Twist at Something Different
Why not take your turkey to a new level this year? Have it expertly smoked at Something Different in Urbanna, offering a unique twist to your Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Feasts Made Easy

The Table at Wilton
At The Table at Wilton in Deltaville, the hard work is done for you. Choose from an extensive menu that includes both Thanksgiving Turkey Breast and Whole Turkey, along with an array of traditional sides, homemade baked goods, and pies.

Pre-Order In-person: by November 9th for a 10% discount
Online Orders: By November 16th at The Table at Wilton (No Discount)
Pick-Up: November 22nd, 11am to 6pm

The Office Bistro
Irvington’s The Office Bistro offers a “Thanksgiving Dinner To Go” that’s both convenient and delectable. Featuring Roasted Turkey and all the classic fixings including cornbread stuffing and green bean casserole, each meal generously serves 4-5 people.

Order By: Wednesday, November 15th
Call: 804-438-8032

Bay Bistro To-Go
THANKFULLY you don’t have to cook this Thanksgiving!! Pre-order your dinner(s) from Bay Bistro To-Go and enjoy your day with no cooking or clean up!

Pre-Order By: November 16th
Pick-Up: November 22nd
Call: 804-577-4206


The River Market
Whether you are planning for a large group, or an intimate smaller dinner, let The River Market be your chefs so that the time you spend is with those who mean the most, not slaving over a hot stove.

Call to Order: 804-435-1725

Unique River Realm Delights

Dredge Irvington: Oyster Stew 
Savor the essence of the River Realm with Byrd’s Seafood Oyster Stew from Dredge Irvington. This rich stew, laden with wild-caught Rappahannock Oysters, collard greens, country ham, onion, and cream, is a must-try.

Pre-Order: November 14th-18th
Pick-Up: November 22nd, 5pm to 8pm at Dredge in Irvington
Call: 804-438-6363 to pre-order

Front Porch Coffeehouse: Homemade Quiche & Muffins
At the Front Porch Coffeehouse, Thanksgiving isn’t just about the grand dinner to come—it’s about savoring each moment of the day. This beloved local spot offers the perfect start to your holiday with their homemade quiches and muffins.

Pre-Order By: November 18th
Pick-Up: November 22nd

Pictured: Byrd's Seafood's Oyster Stew

From fresh, pasture-raised turkeys to sumptuous, ready-to-eat feasts, and the finest ingredients, Virginia’s River Realm offers a cornucopia of options to make your Thanksgiving not just a meal, but a memory. Whether you’re cooking at home or looking for ready-made solutions, these local offerings ensure a celebration rich in flavor and local tradition. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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