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On the banks of the Rappahannock River, overlooking where the oysters are grown, we like to call Merroir a “tasting room,” just so people know to expect something different. Everything is either served raw or cooked on an outdoor grill, small-plate-style, and beautifully paired with craft brews and world-famous wines. Each menu item is singularly-focused, […]

Foodie Guide to Virginia’s River Realm: Meet Pete Woods of Merroir

There are few more satisfying moments than your first bite of a Stuffin’ Muffin’ from Merroir. The dish is a creation of Pete Woods, the “Food Guru” of Merroir, Rappahannock Oyster Company’s flagship tasting room. It is one of the items featured on the Virginia’s River Realm Foodie Guide. From his Philadelphia upbringing to his […]

Brunchin’ By the River

Brunchin’ in the River Realm There are few things more exciting than waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing you have a big brunch waiting for you. It’s even better when you’ve got a day of adventures to follow. If you’re headed out to shop, hunt for oysters, or follow the boots, start your […]

Mother’s Day Getaway in Virginia’s River Realm

Mother’s Day Getaway in Virginia’s River Realm Mothers are one of the most special human beings on the planet, and they all come in many different forms with just as many different titles. Whether they gained their title when you first entered this world, or they earned it by entering your life at a later […]

13 Bucket List Worthy Experiences in Virginia’s River Realm

What’s on your bucket list for this year? Spend more quality time with family? Enjoy the outdoors more? Eat more fresh, local food? Get your heart rate up more often? If any of these are on your personal bucket list for the year, we’ve got you covered here in Virginia’s River Realm. From fresh oysters […]

Fall on The Rappahannock River & Chesapeake Bay

Fall On The Rappahannock River & Chesapeake Bay Some think that summer is the only season in the River Realm. We locals know better.  Fall is actually our favorite time of year. As the leaves change and transform, they create magical sunrises and sunsets on the rivers and creeks here. The crisp fall air beckons […]

A Weekend Getaway To Topping In Virginia’s River Realm

A Weekend Getaway To Topping Our journey continues through Virginia River Realm’s eight great small towns. Just like our other charming towns, Topping is full of delightful surprises, hidden gems, and friendly small-town spirit. Here, you’ll dine on local oysters with a view and pizza with heart. Fly high and get a view of the […]

Foodie Guide

The Ultimate Foodie Guide Virginia’s River Realm is home to the freshest seafood, and some of the finest dishes, chefs, wineries, and more. Wine & Dine your way through our 8 Great Small Towns, sample our Signature Dishes, slurp your first oyster, and take our fresh ingredients home with you. Unique Culinary Experiences Throughout The […]

Virginia’s Oyster Country

We Are Virginia’s Oyster Country EXPERIENCE THE OYSTER RESURGENCE Oysters are BACK and in a big way due to the work by the watermen and oyster growers of Virginia’s River Realm. In our waters, Crassostrea virginica (that’s their biological name) has made a comeback, any one sports team would be envious of. We’re shipping worldwide […]

Outdoor Adventures & Camping

Outdoor Activities Guide Discover the natural beauty of Virginia’s River Realm. RV Campgrounds, Nature Park Camp Sites, Kayaking, and 465 Miles of Shoreline to explore! Where Is Virginia’s River Realm? Full of delightful surprises, hidden gems, and friendly, small-town spirit. The 465 miles of shoreline, eight great small towns, and hundreds of unique attractions invite […]