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Find the Freshness: Shopping for Seafood and Produce in the River Realm 

We’re more than sunsets and seafood dinners here in the River Realm–though we’re pretty big fans of those things. Around the bends and banks of our rivers and bays here, local watermen and aquaculture farmers bring out the best of the waters. They bring their fresh seafood finds to you at local markets and stands in the area. From our signature River Realm oysters to soft shell crabs to rockfish to scallops, you can find it all here during a day trip or weekend adventure. Keep it for your cottage at the river or bring it back home to the city. 


J & W Seafood

16552 General Puller Highway, Deltaville, VA

Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaThis family business has been around for more than 30 years! The market is always open to provide everything you need to create the perfect seafood meal or a picnic at your river house. Freshly caught rockfish, scallops, and raw oysters are ready to pack on ice and take home. You can also grab homemade hummus, calamari salad, avocado salsa, crab cakes, Rivah Dip, wine, beer, crackers, and more to round out your feast. The full-service tackle shop can also help you bring home your own catch. `


Kellum Farms Produce & Seafood

3443 Irvington Rd, Irvington, VA 22480

Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaThe Kellum family is well known in the area for its oyster business, which spans generations and fuels stores around the country with River Realm oysters. The family also brings its seafood to you at its storefront, Kellum Farms Produce & Seafood. They also carry milk, ice cream, barbeque, handmade gifts, seasonal produce, handmade gifts, and Amish goods. 


Miss Mary Seafood

58 Rappahannock Drive, White Stone, VA

Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaRiver Realm locals Captain Tony Ferguson and Lisa Carol Rose come from a long line of Virginia watermen and women who have been working the waters of the Chesapeake Bay for centuries. They’re very picky about where they source their seafood! You won’t have to worry about where it was caught, picked, packed, or processed. Follow them on social media to see what specials they run every day. Along with seafood, find crab cakes, spreads  (we’re partial to the smoked oyster spread) and extras to go along with your seafood.

Rappahannock River Oyster Company
784 Locklies Creek Rd Topping, VA

Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaThe name says it all. Established in 1899 by James A. Croxton, RRO started raising oysters for River Realm locals. Today, it is owned by JA’s great-grandsons Ryan and Travis Croxton. The company’s oysters are served in some of the world’s best restaurants. You can eat like the best of them. Order your own oysters fresh and ready to eat or cook via their online store here: You can also order them fresh and ready to eat at their flagship waterfront restaurant Merroir.


R.W. Hall Seafood

304 Rappahannock Drive, White Stone, VA

Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaVisit this locally owned seafood market for a little bit of everything seafood! Pick up steamed and fresh crabs, oysters, scallops, shrimp, as well as the fresh versions! Complete your chef’s supplies with a variety of seasonings. Stop in every day 12-6! 


White Stone Oysters


Where to Buy Seafood in the Northern Neck & Middle PeninsulaGrown here and shipped to you! White Stone Oysters is known for their attention to detail and love for the River Realm region. Expect world-class oysters in terms of consistency, meat quality, and flavor–a little sweet and a little salty.  There will never be any grit, mud, or sand in their signature deep, polished shells.  Bring the flavor of the River Realm to your dinner table with party kits, caviar, hot sauce, and oyster shooter kits. Get recipes and inspiration on the website:


Find Out What’s in Season

There’s a common myth that you can only enjoy oysters during months that have an “r.” That’s just not true, especially with the rise of the aquaculture industry. Oysters are good eatin’ all year round here in the River Realm. 


Looking for more Local Food to Bring Home?

The River Realm is packed with markets, stores, and restaurants in every corner and they all feature local goods and friendly faces. Visit our Business Directory to get a full list of places to discover where to shop and eat here. Our blog is also full of new ideas and lists to get inspired for your next day trip and locally sourced meal. 


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