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We all need a little retail therapy. In Virginia’s River Realm, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to shop for fashion, jewelry, home decor, art and more. Many of our favorite boutiques and galleries draw inspiration from our beloved oyster. From ornaments, to original paintings, to stunning necklaces, there’s always something to capture the imagination and worth bringing home.

Virginia’s River Realm joins the world as it celebrates the oyster on National Oyster Day, August 5. There are many ways you can celebrate, including shopping for oyster inspired wears and gems.  Visit these boutiques during your next visit…

Oyster Meets Style at Lowe Tide Boutique

Urbanna & Deltaville


Not only are oysters delicious, but they are beautiful. Lowe Tide Boutique knows this well. The trendy boutique carries oyster inspired gifts including wine glasses, pillows,  picture frames, art, jewelry and more. Make room in your shopping basket for the latest resort fashions. There’s always something new to see!  Visit the fun shop at one of two locations in the River Realm–on Virginia Street in Urbanna or General Puller Highway in Deltaville.

Treasure Hunt for Vintage Oyster Plates at Kilmarnock Antique Gallery

Kilmarnock, VA

If you’re a real treasure hunter, you must add vintage oyster plates to your  list of hidden gems to uncover during your journey through Virginia’s River Realm. You can find them at the Kilmarnock Antique Gallery. The gallery has one of the largest collections of vintage oyster plates. These elaborate serving dishes feature shallow pockets that resemble empty half shells made from glass, porcelain, stoneware, even sterling silver. They’re painted with whimsical designs made for formal dinners during the Victorian era. Freshly shucked oysters were placed on the plates and enjoyed with a single dainty fork. Stop into the gallery to take a look and ask the owner, Steve Bonner, any questions you have. He’s known as the nation’s foremost authority on oyster plates. You might be tempted to start a collection of your own. There is a lot more to see when you visit the gallery, which has been voted the best antique venue in eastern Virginia for many years. 

Find the Rivah at Cyndy’s Bynn

Urbanna, VA


Silver oyster shaped platters are just one of the oyster inspired items you can discover at Cyndy’s Bynn. Other uncommon oyster finds include kitchen towels, artisan necklaces and wine accessories. Don’t forget to shop the store’s shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes collection–all ready and inspired by life in the River Realm. Cyndy’s Bynn in located in Urbanna, a historic port town with old fashion flavor. Make time to walk around and find more treasures at places like the Urbanna Harbor Gallery.

Discover Art at Urbanna Harbor Gallery

Urbanna, VA


More than 70 artists contribute to the collection at Urbanna Harbor Gallery & Art Services. The artists honor and imagine local watermen’s heritage and the beauty of the oyster in a variety of ways. Discover treasures like paintings of deadrise boats at work on the bay and delicate glass oyster ornaments for your Christmas tree.  Add them to your personal collection or wrap them up for a present for your foodie or travel friends. Visit again and again for changing exhibits of established and emerging visual artists and makers.

~Virginia’s River Realm is an enchanting travel destination along the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay. We invite visitors to explore delicious delicacies, seductive views, and luxurious experiences served with a side of friendly, small town spirit. Drive, boat, or bike along 465 miles of shoreline as you discover eight colorful small towns and hundreds of one-of-a-kind attractions. Get to know the wonder and history behind our most cherished resource: the oyster. Bring your friends and family along on the adventure as you catch your breath, calm your mind and live your dreams.~

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