48 New Street, Saluda VA 23149
All Saints Anglican Mission Church offers a timeless and vibrant faith, an ancient, traditional, and beautiful liturgy, traditional Christian music, and sound theological and Biblical teaching.
Oakes Landing Road, Saluda, VA 23149
(804) 758-5921(804) 758-5921
3971 General Puller Hwy. Saluda, VA 23149
(804) 758-5933(804) 758-5933
15924 General Puller Hwy, Hardyville, VA 23070
Luna Sketch.PNG
Colonial   Seaport Foundation (CSF) is an educational organization focused on preserving facets of America’s Colonial (17th-18th Century) maritime heritage by providing historically ac[…]
Deltaville Maritime Museum
287 Jackson Creek Rd, Deltaville, VA 23043
Where maritime history comes to life! The exhibits reveal the maritime history of the Deltaville area beginning with the catastrophic impact of the Delmarva meteorite 35 million years ago an[…]
17067 General Puller Highway, Deltaville, Virginia 23043
287 Jackson Creek Rd, Deltaville, VA 23043
(804) 776-7200(804) 776-7200
Restored 1924, 63 foot log bottom buyboat built for power. Come aboard at the Deltaville Maritime Museum.
First Baptist.jpg
PO Box 213 Locust Hill, VA 23092
(804) 758-3643(804) 758-3643
golden age charters 4.jpg
210 Oyster Road, Urbanna, VA, USA
Welcome aboard! Golden Age Charters is here to make your Bay-dreams come true. Captain Sheffield will take you on anything from a harbor tour to an all day adventure. We can dock at your fa[…]
425 Grafton Church Rd, Hartfield, VA 23071
Historic Christ Church Carter Reception Center and Museum
420 Christ Church Rd, Weems, VA 22576
Closed until further notice due to Covid-19.     Christ Church is the best preserved of colonial Virginia’s Anglican parish churches. It is the only church from colonial Virginia t[…]
Hope and Glory
65 Tavern Rd, Irvington, VA 22480
Covid-19 Update 6/17/2020- ” For safe practices reasons, our accommodations are open on Friday and Saturday night only; and, we have only reopened our six cottages with the schoolhouse[…]
130 Virginia St, Urbanna, VA 23175
(804) 758-8181(804) 758-8181
Restored 1755 John Mitchell Map is on display at the Urbanna Museum. Listen to the amazing story of this map that was used as recent as the 1980’s.
Kilmarnock Museum
76 N Main St, Kilmarnock, VA 22482
(804) 436-9100(804) 436-9100
Located in the oldest remaining house in town, the museum celebrates the history and community events that have made Kilmarnock the quaint small town it is today.
8311 Mary Ball Rd, Lancaster, VA 22503
(804) 462-5120(804) 462-5120
8346 Mary Ball Rd, Lancaster, VA 22503
Founded in 1958, our nonprofit, volunteer-based historical organization was originally named Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library, Inc. in honor of George Washington’s mother who was bo[…]
271 Virginia Street, Urbanna, VA 23175
Lansdowne is a historic home located at Urbanna, Middlesex County, Virginia. It was constructed about 1740, and is a two-story, five-bay, “T”-shaped, brick dwelling in the Early […]
120 Lower Church Rd, Hartfield, VA 23071
732 Gloucester Road, Saluda, VA 21349
Drive by the home where the highly decorated Marine spent his retirement years. This is a privately owned home.
Middlesex County Museum
777 General Puller Hwy, Saluda, VA 23149
The museum has embarked on an ambitious program to acquire key records, documents, sites, buildings and objects related to the history of Middlesex County and to preserve that material.  Edu[…]
Morratico Waterfront Museum
6584 Morattico Road Morattico, VA 22523
The Museum is located in the heart of Morattico, at one time a thriving watermen’s village with a steamboat wharf. It is housed in the 1901 Morattico General Store building. Artifacts, photo[…]
791 Mt Zion Rd, Church View, VA 23032
(804) 758-2188(804) 758-2188
Urbanna, VA
Take a 3-century year-old, magical journey through time narrated by Urbanna’s very own historian, Larry Chowning. Tour 18 historical sites around the small town of Urbanna, all within a 3 mi[…]
MOM Logo.jpg
777 General Puller Highway, Saluda, VA, USA
Spend a day visiting all four museums and live through three and a half centuries.  Middlesex history, beginning in 1668, goes back almost as far as  Jamestown!   Relive life as Middlesex re[…]
210 Virginia Street, Urbanna, VA 23175
(804) 758-0056(804) 758-0056
Built in 1748 when Urbanna was the county seat. One of only eleven courthouses still standing in Virginia today.
17276 General Puller Hwy, Deltaville, VA 23043
Route 227 & Molly's Way, Urbanna, VA
This is a private residence.







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