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A Weekend Getaway To Saluda

Here in Saluda, you’ll discover fresh and overflowing farmer’s markets and nurseries fueled by a rich network of Virginia farmers by land and sea. Enjoy exciting flavors from hidden foodie gems. Soak up national history and pick through antiques with a story. With every turn off our winding roads, you’ll experience shopping, meals, and explorations full of love and small town charm you can’t find anywhere else.


Here’s a simple travel guide to escape the city and get away for a weekend in this River Realm small town…

Snuggle Up at a Vacation Rental

Affordable homes away from homes dot the shores of rivers, ponds, and roads here in the River Realm. Each one is different and offers special touches to create the ideal experience for you and your family or travel buds. This wooded cabin retreat has a view of a private 7.5-acre pond, deck, and walking trail. It’s perfect for bird watchers, wildflower enthusiasts, and kayakers. Wake up to a view of the Rappahannock River in this quaint vintage cottage.  Saunter out on a newly built boardwalk from the cottage to the beach. 


Explore ways to stay here.

Cabin AirBNB in Saluda, Virginia

Load up on Fresh Finds

Do you like to cook when you go on vacation? For many it’s a relaxing way to restore the soul and to indulge. Stock up on everything you need here at Norman’s Produce. This family-owned business stays stocked with fresh, locally-sourced produce, seafood, and prepared foods. Shop baked goods, gourmet cheeses, relishes, salsas, pies, Amish butter, deviled crabs, soft shell crabs, oysters, and a large selection of wine and micro beers. You can also pick out flowers, bedding plants, jams, and jellies to bring back home to remember the River Realm after your getaway is over.  

Norman's Produce & Farmers Market in Saluda, Virginia

Explore a Bit of History

Much of America’s history begins here in the River Realm region. Step back into time in Saluda. Start with the Old Middlesex County Courthouse. Built in 1748 when Urbanna was the county seat, it’s one of only 11 colonial courthouses still standing in Virginia today. During the American Revolution, the local Committee of Safety met here and it briefly housed Confederate troops during the Civil War according to some records.  


Also in Saluda, you’ll be able to enjoy the Middlesex County Museum. Explore key records, documents, sites, buildings, and intriguing objects related to the history of Middlesex County. Make plans to attend educational programming, discussions, and events about the birth of America.  You can also get to know a local Marine icon, Lt. Colonel Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, who is memorialized here! He was the most decorated and venerated Marine in the history of the Corps.  He began his career fighting guerillas in Haiti and Nicaragua as part of the Banana Wars, he later served with distinction in World War II and the Korean War as a senior officer. By the time of his retirement in 1955, he had reached the rank of lieutenant general. After 37 years of service, Puller retired in 1955 and lived here until he died in 1971, at age 73.

Chesty Puller Saluda, Virginia

Fuel Up at Local Eateries

Classic flavors abound here as well as new twists on favorites. For a hearty home-cooked meal, Debbie’s Family Restaurant has you covered with burgers, pastas, steaks, seafoods, chicken, and daily specials. Scratch your itch for good ol’ Virginia barbecue at Chad’s Dad’s BBQ. The food truck serves a wide variety of smoked meats with sides, desserts and drinks April to November. Dip into the Sunnyside gas station for a unique foodie find: Krispy Krunchy Chicken. Indulge in breakfast empanadas, Cajun chicken tenders, and honey butter fried shrimp. 

Chad's Dad's Barbecue and other Dining in Saluda, Virginia

Get Lost Shopping Local Treasures


River Birch Gifts is a destination all its own. This expansive store is tucked behind River Birch Nursery and Landscaping. Inside the store, you’ll get lost in coastal-inspired specialties, baby and children’s clothes, toys, home decor, jewelry, holiday items, handbags, t-shirts, caps, kitchen accessories and so much more from brands like Yeti and Lily Pulitzer. Treasure hunters will also enjoy the Urbanna Flea Market. Inside this 5,000+ square-foot building, you’ll discover new and vintage furniture, jewelry, nautical decor, more unique finds.

River Birch Gifts & Shopping in Saluda, Virginia

Capture & Share Your Favorite Moments!

As you make your way through the shores of rivers and wind through our roads here in the River Realm, we’re sure you and your travel crew captured special and stunning memories. After your getaway has come to a close, check out your photos and share the best with us! We hope more people like you can enjoy the calming and enchanting spirit of the River Realm. Tag us using @virginiasriverrealm and we’ll share your photos.

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